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 Health and Safety

Provided by ProTrainings-UK

Fire Safety Principles Level 2 (Fire Warden/Marshal)
Fire Extinguisher

This level 2 course is aimed at anyone who requires a course as a Fire Warden or a Fire Marshal. The course covers the latest fire safety regulations and the roles and duties of employees and their responsibilities on Fire Safety.


The course is designed to meet and comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It covers how fires are started, methods of controlling fire spread, evacuating the building, fire briefings and risk assessing.

This qualification and most of the other ProTrainings qualifications are Endorsed by TQUK to show our commitment to extra levels of compliance and quality assurance.
Ladder Awareness (VTQ)
Climbing a Ladder
Ladder safety is of utmost importance because working at height poses significant risks to individuals. Falls from ladders can result in severe injuries or even fatalities.

By following ladder safety guidelines and best practices, individuals can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure their well-being while working on ladders. Ladder safety involves understanding how to select the right ladder for the task, proper ladder setup and positioning, maintaining three points of contact while climbing, and using appropriate personal protective equipment. 

Implementing ladder safety measures can prevent falls, protect workers from harm, and promote a safe working environment, whether in a professional setting or during everyday tasks at home.

Suitable for employees at any level, our Ladder awareness training course will give you a basic understanding of ladder safety. This course covers various subjects such as the different types of ladders available, what risk assessments should be carried out when a ladder is required, and how to safely utilise a step ladder. 

Health and Safety Principles in the Workplace Level 1 (VTQ)
Maintenance Man

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in health and safety awareness. It is designed to meet the Health and Safety regulations and covers regulations, precautions, planning, risk assessing, PPE, individual sectors, what causes accidents, employer/employee responsibilities, RIDDOR, COSHH, first aid, workstation/VDU safety, working at heights, gas safety, occupational health, infection control, electricity, enforcement and the dangers and links in the regulations in fire and manual handling.

Lone Workers Level 2 (VTQ)
Industrial Worker

Lone Workers training will provide you with all the information you need to know when employing a lone worker or being a lone worker yourself. You need this knowledge to ensure that you are working safely and following the lone working policy. 

There are many risks of working alone, in this lone workers course you will learn what these risks are and how to reduce and prevent them. 

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