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Introduction to Leadership Level 2 VTQ

 Invest in Yourself. Transform Your Leadership Journey. Enroll Now!

Are you ready to take your leadership ambitions to the next level? Boost your career and motivate your team by acquiring new skills!


🚀 Course Highlights:

Introduction: Identify Key Leadership Traits and Behaviours: Develop the ability to recognise and understand essential leadership qualities, such as communication, motivation, and decision-making. Learn how these traits are crucial in effectively guiding and inspiring others, setting the stage for practical application in leadership roles.


Leadership Theories: evaluate the strengths and limitations of different leadership theories. Learn to apply these theories effectively in real-world situations, adapting them to suit the unique challenges and dynamics of various leadership environments.

Leadership Responsibilities: Recognise the Role of Responsibility in Leadership: Develop an in-depth understanding of how responsibility is integral to effective leadership. Learn about the various aspects of responsibility, including ethical decision making, accountability, and the impact of a leader's actions on others and the organisation.

Recognise Leadership Traits and Qualities: Develop Skills in Recognising Leadership Qualities: Acquire the ability to identify and understand various qualities and attributes that define effective leadership, such as integrity, empathy, decisiveness, and resilience. Learn how to distinguish these traits in different leaders and understand their significance in various leadership contexts.

📅 Course Details:

       Duration: One day (or four two hour evening           classes)

       Location: Rushden Lakes (or at your venue)

       Format: Face-to-face interactive  learning

       Certification: Level 2 VTQ

We are committed to empowering leaders who can make a positive impact in their organisations and beyond. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape

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Prices- Block Booking
     Day course at our venue £550 (Maximum 15 students)
     At your venue £440

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